10 October, 2006

The Karvachauth story

Her: She wakes up when the alarm goes off at 4 am, although she has slept only past midnight. With a smile on her face, she proceeds to prepare her sargi, a ghee dolloped paratha, a cup of fenia, cashewnuts, pistachios and a bottle of water. She opens the fridge, takes the dough and milk out. As she scuttles around the kitchen making her enriching sargi, she thinks fondly of her day ahead… the fast, dressing up in bright reds and maroons, the pooja, the sighting of the moon, having her first morsel of the day with her husband thereafter… she silently hugs herself with this warming thought…She turns on the stove, places a skillet to warm and cooks the fenia, as she rolls out her paratha and generously applies ghee on it. She turns the paratha out on the skillet to cook reminiscing about her earlier karvachauths - similar yet special in their own way. She hears the sound of her husband coming into the kitchen. She turns to greet him. “Happy Karvachauth, dear!” They say hugging the other warmly. “Now go back to bed,” she admonishes him gently, “you have a long day at work!” “ Hmmm”, he mumbles, eyes half closed and sleepily turns around, walks into the bedroom goes back to sleep. She gathers her plate, walks into the living room, sits down and devours her sargi. Done, she puts her plate in the sink and decides to go back to bed – she’s so sleepy! Stifling a yawn, she turns in, to find her husband fast asleep.

Him: He is disturbed when the alarm rings at 4 am………hasn’t he only just slept, he wonders. Returning late from his EMBA classes, a heavy dinner, a long day at work - he hasn’t slept well in a week. He hears his wife getting out of bed. He pulls the blanket closer and manages to sleep. He can hear sounds in his head – is he hallucinating? She has forgotten to shut the bedroom door. A tad awake yet half asleep, he can feel the light turned on in the kitchen, the bathroom door closing, the fridge being opened, the stove turned on, the clanging of various vessels…. She’s preparing her sargi he thinks, grinning mentally. He is unable to sleep properly. He bundles out of bed and walks towards the kitchen with heavy steps. She hears him come. They fondly hug each other with a smile, “Happy Karvachauth dear”. “Now go back to bed, you have a long day at work!” she admonishes him in her usual way. He smiles inwardly, nods in agreement to her and turns around. Staggering and sleepy-headed he goes back to bed. The noises from the kitchen continue but slowly fade in his head. He falls asleep.

Same story but two sides….. Felt it was a nice way to describe our first phase of Karvachauth. Happy Karvachauth to you! :)


Sucheet said...

Initially I thought i would just write...sorry no comments.....But better sense prevailed. I need to get used to this kind of things. Matters may get worse after 2 months with the storm just round the corner. I need to equip myself with such skills.
For the moment i can say fasting is not a good idea for health. why fast when there is so much of variety.

JVC1 said...

1.Thanks for ur comment, i was worried no one would read my blog....
2. Consider this ur practice period... not just comments, u'll need to write poetry as well!!
3. As for fasting, i'll introduce someone to it after 2 months..

RTD2 said...

Hey Jyo...I didn't know u started a blog :)
Nice job...keep going! You are such a good wife, doing Karvachauth and all!

Vinay said...

I am the sleepy lazy hubby in the true "story" above....but yes, i loved the article and every word of it...my act has invigorated my wife's writing skills :)

what a contrasting karvachaut from the first year after marriage...where i shared sargi with my dear wife at 4am and actually managed to fast for the entire day (hmmm, how did I manage that?)!!

excellent article...worth publishing!!

jigna said...

Very well writtten. Actually i felt as if i was able to feel the innermost and a beautiful heart of a woman. Savored the beauty of ur writing and want to continue writing.

Anonymous said...

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Continue the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

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